When am looking for a new cleanser, toner, serum I also look for products that are FREE FROM certain ingredients. These types of products are referred to as ‘Clean’.  Am personal happy to use products that aren’t organic or all natural based as long as they are ‘Clean’ ie free from skin nasties that can irritate the skin, can be toxic, can cause blocked pores and can produce a bad reaction. I say CAN because these ingredients are approved to be used in skincare but CAN for some people cause issues. Also over time can cause problems when used regularly. I also don’t think anyone should pay large amounts of their hard earned cash for something which is filled with cheap synthetic ingredients that actually don’t benefit your skin in anyway.

The difference between clean and green are:

Clean [should mean] safe, non-toxic and verified by a third party. Generally  free from parabens, sulphates, silicone’s, petrochemicals (mineral oil and other products derived from petroleum), and artificial fragrance.

Green or Natural – 95% or more natural/organic ingredients.  Look for brands that get their products certified buy Ecocert or another similar association. Brands don’t have to get there products certified natural or organic to print those words on their products by law but generally, good genuine natural brands do, to give their costumers peace of mind.

For me personally I have found my skin has improved dramatically  since cutting out mineral oil, silicone, SLS and artificial fragrance. My acne has gone and my skin is general clear and has no major concerns (i have the odd hormonal chin spot and still have some scarring and hyper pigmentation). I can say am happier with my skin now than I was 2 years ago its the best its ever been.

Here’s a close up of mu current go to free from products. All these products are repurchased items by myself some have been bought 4-5 times . I love these products and always seen results when I use them.

Toners by iUnik and Kat Burki;  Facemask by Adulou;  Serums by Garden of Wisdom and iUnik.; SPF by Vichy.

Cleansers: Balms – Kat Burki, Farmacy and Pixi Beauty; Oils- Votary; Creams – Elemis and Face Theory