Beauty brands have been using celebraties and infleuners to adversitie there products for a long time. Famous people have been putting their names on products and collaborating it bigger brands for a long time. Then celebraties started ‘making’ their own purfume. It seemed like everyone in film and music was jumping on the fragrance band wagon. For me personally I wasn’t and still aren’t interested in a purfume maybe by J’lo or Britney Spears but I don’t actually think they are aimed at me and rather at teenagers and young adults.

More recently we have seen makeup collaborations with celebrities like models and singers. Some of which seems to have been well received. Drew Barry more created Flower beauty and it is doing really well. I like the fact she created a name for her brand and not just use her own name. Also it is drugstore brand which is very affordable and means its available to a more consumers.

With social media like You Tube and Instagram at an all time high for infleuners in fashion, makeup and beauty their has been and influx of these influences and celebrities releasing their own ranges. We’ve seen eyeshow palettes, nail varnishes, vitamins, incredibly expensive gemstone ring collection, makeup brushes and now a skincare line from non other than Paris Hilton, and that’s what brings me here writing this post because honestly enough is enough.

I get why dermatologists and makeup artist bring out their own ranges it’s what they do, they are professionals and have a great insight into what makes a good product. Paris Hilton however has already released a makeup line which according to many beauty inflecncers can be found on the cleareance section in’s safe to say it didn’t sell well at all. So now she’s released a rediculously over priced skincare line I can’t imagine it’s going to be any better. I mean who do her and her company think are going to buy it? Any fans that are left floating around are probably either 30-40 year old men or young skint teenagers. I can only assume that the creators have thought that they can use social media to publicise and minipulate the public into trying it. If something is popular on Instagram it will more than likely end up all over YouTube and other social media and before long it’s completely hyped up and the general public naturally feel like they want to get it too. Of course there are many times when a great product does get the social media coverage it deserves but there are so many times the general public aren’t given the correct information and reviews due to a lot of paid adverts and infleuners wanting to make money and stay on PR lists.

Ok so I know that many of these ‘celeb’ and ‘infleuner’ products are not aimed at myself (38 year old mum who doesn’t keep up to date with everything thats trendy and current) but I do love makeup, skincare and fashion as well spending a good amount of time watching YouTube tutorials and reading articles on the subjects. That along with my disposable income which allows me to indulge in my loves, and these celebraties using there own name and status to create products that an already saturated market doesn’t need is a waste of time, money and effort. Especially when so many of them don’t actually have any knowledge of the industry or technology and science behind create beauty products. So for Paris Hilton to be realising a skincare line it was the tip of the iceberg for me. Why on earth would anyone want to spend $100  on a skincare  item created by someone who’s never shown any thoughts or knowledge on the subject apart from a cheap failed makeup collection.  Along side that, on release day the website seemed to already have reviews of products and there aren’t any ingredient lists for the products either. Which rings major alarm bells. Could we just stop with the celeb beauty collections now! Pretty please…stick to what you do best…entertaining us.