I love skincare and makeup you could say I am a little addicted to to all things beauty. Addicted can give negative connotations but to me its nothing but positive.

Let’s face it (see what I did there 😉 ) Acne, spots, cysts, mila, scars and hyper pigmentation are all perceived as unsightly, ugly, gross. People who suffer (and by suffer I mean physically and mentally) with any of the above (myself included), often view themselves as disgusting, f**king ugly, minging, weird, abnormal and can generally feel very self conscious, embarrassed and depressed at what they are having to deal with.

My Acne started at 11 and I seemed to be the only girl in the school that suffered with it. I was bullied, ridiculed, left out, talked about. I was made to feel unacceptable and unclean, all of which has certainly had a huge impact on my emotions and self confidence throughout my life. I know am not the only teenager to go through this and won’t unfortunately be the last, kids can be really cruel!

Now in my 30’s I am (through support and counselling) more confident and less socially awkward, having said that am no longer dealing with cystic acne and my skin is clear. Am left with some scarring which I do find upsetting but also accept that it’s a part of me and doesn’t divine who I am. If I was offered a free magic smooth skin tomorrow i’d take it (who wouldn’t?) but would I then just turn my focus to my hooded eyes, large nose and fizzy hair? Can anyone ever be truly happy?

I have over the years because of the my troubled skin become geekily obsessed with skincare ingredients and dermatology. This website is my way of feeding all the things I’ve learnt and find out back to other beauty product lovers and people with their own skin concerns.

I personally have found that since cutting out irritating ingredients stick to ‘clean’ products free from these, my skin is clear and general in good condition. However it is a bit of a minefield when trying to find products that are genuinely clean and not just call so by companies to attract buyers. Am hoping I can help shed some light on what to look out for so you can feel happy about your skin too.

The skin is our largest organ on our body, so let’s treat it with the respect and well being it deserves, happy skin days.

Alex X